Optional Extras

Tiny Build - big on extras!

Tiny Build in Orange is big on optional extras delivering quality eco-friendly tiny homes across Australia with a comprehensive range of premium custom add-ons.

Tiny Build houses are made ready for your adventure whatever the size or requirement. From heating and cooling to sound and lighting or external custom storage and cedar cladded feature walls… Tiny Build can make your big dreams come true.

Add on quality water supply requirements, a range of outstanding custom cabinetry, kitchen and laundry appliances, or skylights and roof windows. Tiny Build can also supply extra electrical, composting toilets or a house setup and levelling on-site service. Check out the list of optional extras below and please feel free to contact us for other specific requests.


Heating & Cooling

Underfloor Insulation R3.5
Extra Air Conditioning 2.5Kw unit
(one included as standard in all modules)
Extra Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote Control
(one included as standard in all modules)



External Custom Storage Box
Cedar Cladding Feature Wall



Custom Storage Couch
Fold Down Table 750 x 600mm
Loft Storage Shelf Unit
Loft Wall Open Wardrobe Unit
Pull Out Pantry


House Setup/

House Setup and Levelling on site Service
Adjustable Car Stands Pack (4x units)



Extra Double GPO Power Point
Extra Dual USB Port
Double External GPO Power Point
Extra Recessed LED Ceiling Down light
2 Way Switch
TV aerial Point


Sound & Lighting

Bluetooth Built in Ceiling Speakers
Light Dimmer Switch
LED Strip Lighting



Water Tanks, Water Pumps and Grease Traps can be added to Tiny Houses. Prices available upon request


Kitchen & Appliances

Built in Gas Oven 600mm
(included as standard in all 7200L modules)
Electric Dual Burner Cooktop
(included as standard in all modules 4800L and above)
221L Fridge and Freezer
100L Bar Fridge
Range Hood
2.5L Compact Washing Machine
3.2L Compact Washing Machine
Dishwasher Drawer


Skylight /
Roof Windows

Velux Roof Window
Velux Skylight


Composting Toilets

Nature Loo™ Classic 650 with Porcelain Pandora
Clivus Multrum™ Low Profile (CM LP) with Porcelain Pandora SKU CM-LP-2 (Inc Pandora)
Clivus Multrum™ Low Profile (CM LP) with Porcelain Palisade
Other models available on request