The main reason a Tiny House is built on wheels like a vehicle/caravan is that it gives you the option to easily relocate the Tiny House if required without the great expense of cranes & trucks etc.

Also it can remove the need for certain council approvals

(see below section regarding council approval for more  details)

Yes, you can take the wheels off, however an additional Unipier system will need to be added to stabilize the Tiny House.

Also there is a removable trailer option is available before building has begun. 

 Both options can be discussed with one of our friendly staff.

Please note: if your land is in a flood prone or bush fire prone area we would recommend leaving the wheels on.

In short the answer is no however conditions apply

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Yes, all our Tiny Houses come with a warranty

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Tiny Build is located in Orange, which is located in the Central West region of New South Wales. Approximately 3.5 hours drive from Sydney and 3 hours drive from Canberra.


Yes, double insulation has been added to the walls and roof minimising energy needed for heating and cooling. Windows can be double-glazed upon request. Insulation can also be added under the floor upon request.

Yes, a deck or verandah can be easily added to all of our Tiny Build Modules. We can organise this onsite for you for an extra charge. Conditions apply*

This all depends on the toilet you choose to install

Flushing toilet (standard in all modules)

You have 2 options-

1. Connect to existing sewer system (mains or septic) by engaging a local plumber,

2. Install a new septic tank system to connect to your flushing toilet (in some circumstances this is a council requirement, please contact your local council for details)

Or you can add a Compostable toilet which does not require a septic system (conditions apply)

Water can be connected with a standard garden hose which is directly connected to a properties water supply, just like a traditional caravan.

A rainwater tank can be added as an optional extra if a water supply is unavailable.

LPG gas is used to run the gas cook tops, oven (if added), and hot water system.

Max height from ground to top of roof is 4.3m.
Max length is 7.2m. (this is not including the draw bar).
Max width is 2.5m. (outdoor living such as a deck area can also be added onsite).

The Tiny House plugs into a 15 amp electrical lead, this is the same as most caravans.

Our modules weigh up to 4.5 tonnes. Weights vary depending on the modules.

Please refer to your vehicle GVM to determine your towing capacity.

1. Ensure the area is level where the Tiny House will be situated

2. The area needs to be accessible for the vehicle delivering the Tiny House as well as the house itself i.e. low hanging branches and driveway access needs to be considered, remembering the height of your Tiny House is 4.3 metres & it’s width is 2.5 metres.

Tiny Houses by Tiny build start from $60,000 for a studio and $70,000 for a self-contained unit. This price varies depending on the module, inclusions and delivery.

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