About Tiny Build

Delivering tiny homes across Australia!

Delivering quality eco-friendly tiny homes across Australia, Tiny Build is located in Orange in the Central West of NSW. Tiny Build offers a variety of options to suit your requirements from lockup stage through to a completed fit out featuring a wide range of add-ons and extras to produce exactly what you need.

Our tiny houses are built onsite in Orange which is approximately 3.5 hour drive from Sydney and 3 hours’ drive from Canberra. Our expert local craftsmen use high-quality materials. We are renowned for fast production and our stress-free turnaround capability.

We make a big deal of our fantastic customer service, delivery times and amazing accessory options which makes Tiny Build your only tiny house choice.


Tiny by name… not by nature.

A tiny house by Tiny Build is small enough to hitch up and tow anywhere, while being big enough for living, working, holidaying or using as temporary accommodation whenever and wherever the need arises.

Our self-contained modules have fully equipped bathrooms and kitchens including gas hot water, flushing toilet and LED lighting. This means they may be tiny by name but definitely not tiny by nature.

A tiny house from Tiny Build can be yours in a jiffy making owning and living in your own happy retreat easy, fuss-free and with no red tape!

BIG ideas for tiny spaces…

At Tiny Build, we are the professionals in crafting the perfect fast solution for granny-flats, studios, Airbnb’s, teenager’s retreats or any extra building required.

You can create a home, office, or holiday retreat - or all four wrapped up in one! Our tiny homes are ideal for farm-stays, rural accommodation, or other rental accommodation.

Why not create your dream mobile holiday home or retail business on wheels? Tiny Builds are also a great solution when temporary housing or displaced persons housing is required.